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Space Hulk II

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http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/527363

GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL BEFORE THIS (If you haven't seen it yet)

It took us three years to get off our lazy arses and create this bad boy, but we've finally done it and hope you love it =D

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Terminators walking speed looks real

1:20. . . Well, I guess that's one way to steal genes

I've always loved your works, Tom & Don. I followed you on Youtube for a while, wondered where your Warhammer videos went, and found them here.

Five stars for everything, but mainly for the "Office Space" reference. LMFAO.

Awesomeness! A complete improvement over the first episode. Bloodier, funnier, improved animation and voice quality, and another Iron Maiden song. This is what a good animation should be.