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Skype Reality

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*EDIT: Woah, A recent Reality cartoon, that ACTUALLY did well? :O Thanks so much guys for making this happen, you guys rule!*

*EDIT TWO: Thanks to the amazing power of "Swivel", Skype Reality is now available for viewing in movie format!*

The Reality crew are back, this time ready to take on the shameful plot-holes in Skype!

Drawn, Written & Animated By Will Ryan (Diamond Armada Online). Special thanks to Alison Bowley for providing the female voice. Also special thanks goes out to NewGrounds for creating the amazing conversion program, "Swivel", for the YouTube version, and to my fellow friends for beta testing this cartoon before release.

http://www.youtube.com/ch ristopherbrown1988 <-- Rayman Let's Plays
http://www.youtube.com/ed dache <-- Eddie & Alison Bowley
http://www.facebook.com/W illAlexRyan <-- Facebook
diamondarmada <-- Twitter
https://plus.google.com/1 11146478989447954703/post s <-- Google+
http://www.youtube.com/di amondarmadaonline <-- YouTube

SKYPE USERNAME: diamond-armada

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hahahah you dagems