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The trailer shows scenes of illustrator Joel Poischen's incredible "BATMAN NOIR" artwork. All animations by SKEWSTER. We hope you enjoy. Please vote!

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AWESOME well told, drawn and animated

Is tim burton back on batman? Hasnt he ruined enough things already? Batman has always been about darkness to flip the style and call it something completly new is kinda stupid.

skewster responds:


Oh Sweet Jesus.. Batman has always been cool, but now he has found one more way of being cool :D

Awesome! Really sweet art! Enjoyed the whole thing.

skewster responds:

Thanx a lot!

I'm right now studying the black genre in cinema: from Howard Hawk's "Scarface" or "The Big Sleep", to Billy Wilder's "Double Indemnity" or John Huston's "The Maltese Falcon". I've even taken a look to Black Mask magazine's aesthetic. And well, Batman is already noir, what makes absurd to say this is the noir version. You can't even say this is more noir, the only differences I find is the Tim Burton style touch on the cape (that's not noir, even though both styles originate on the German expressionism), and Catwoman's style, which seems inspired by both Tomb Raider and Hello Kitty... definitely not the definition of femme fatale, I remember how Wilder convinced Marlene Dietrich to play the first femme fatale: "¿Are you an actress or a mouse?", in this case it wouldn't make much difference.

skewster responds:

Intresting, Lobolopez! Thanx for your deep going feedback!