Do you know adobe's icons

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You Know Your Adobe Icons 50 Points

You know all your adobe icons by there color.

Author Comments

Match the text with the corresponding Icon by color . Its on adobe products. Well i was planning on adding tons of stuff but after learning more as3 i realized the way i wrote this game was really long and tedious. And would take too much work to re-code. I am currently working on another game which will be a lot better then this one. Anyways enjoy.

Change Log:
-Fixed Dreamweaver bug
-Added Retry Button
-Made Gui Bigger, Should fix Not proper score bug.

The icons where to close together so, sometime the code would accidently assign it to the wrong icon, by making the gui bigger we are reducing the chance of that.


Just go to the wikipedia page for Adobe Creative Suite and you'll see the icons for all of them, with the colors this game uses. You can use that as a guide. However the last three in particular might be a problem for people with less than perfect color vision.

Also lol at the four cheaters in the high scores, especially the two with 2,147,483,647 points, when the max total possible is only exactly 100. What is even the point?

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Not terrible in idea. Though, the actual flash isn't great. It seems like you didn't put any work at all into it. Nice first attempt, though. The main issues are the fact that the words disappear when placed under a square, and the fact that the aesthetics leave a lot to be desired.

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I thought I would win this hands down and after a few attempt I decided to cheat, mainly to see if the medal would work. I got a sheet of the icons in front of me and worked through it only to be told that I still only got around 86%. This can only mean it is incorrectly programmed to say some of the right answers are wrong. Because of this it isn't going to get a high score from me.

Needs to be changed so that it is correct, simple as that. Also it seems a little to simple. How about some cool menu art or something.

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nate066 responds:

Ill look into it to see if i can make it more accurate. Just as a side note these are cs6 icons

I actually like it, but you need to put a reset button, please do that and i'll give you a good score.

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nate066 responds:

Im updating it right now. Should be out in a day or so

1.It doesn't tell if you got it right or wrong,
2.on the second round dreamweaver disappears if you don't pick it 1st.
3.most of the colors are wrong especially on the last round.

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2.10 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2013
5:04 AM EST
Puzzles - Other