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//Fixed stucked controls bug

Up arrow - accelerate
Down arrow - brake
Left arrow - turn left
Right arrow - turn right

Write in review what you whant to see in full game.

Fly longer then others to put your name on highscores. Avoid obstalces and don't destroy your ship.
SFX: http://www.freesfx.co.uk/
Intro music: Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (www.smartsound.com/royal ty-free-music/incompetech )


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Great Job, as per usual :D

nitokov responds:

Thank you!

Good concept. Needs a little more stuff added and you sir have here a very addictive game.

So once in a while when you restart you get stuck going left or right....like starting a N64 game while the anolog stick is pushed to one side....very uncalabrated........otherwise(being the geek who is watching star trek while I play this) If you're at warp anything you need to stop measuring in kilometers...start measuring in lightyears...also feel of the game is much more inside the deathstar in return of the jedi...so you might want to switch from a bird of prey to the mellenium falcon....just a thought

nitokov responds:

I tried to do deathstar feeling, but didn't whant to copy great Falcon rather whanted to make own ship, yes I am aware of stuck bug i am fixing it right now. Thank you for response.


It's not a waste of time... but honestly I found the controls cumbersome. The game is boring unless you up the warp to between 7 and 10, but then it gets ridiculously hard to survive as the controls are not smooth enough to get out of the way.