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General Dismemberment is a supervillain who is kinda responsible for maiming one of his lackies ... he feels bad and visits him in hospital.

This was an animation made a few years back as a University Project but I figured I'd upload it here! Its a pretty old project really, back when I was cutting films together in Premiere rather than doing the whole thing in Flash...


Enjoyable, very enjoyable. Not too dark, no penis jokes (not even slightly), and no blood (I think). I love General Dismemberment, his name is a bit weird though, but very suiting. Quality could be better, the voice should b a bit higher in volume (the only reason I heard anything was because it was quiet), and it all kinda felt like it was some evil guy going to the hospital because he was/is evil )like when people do stories about video game villains living a semi-normal life).

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I love the ending of this, and the bit where he sits on the life support and squishes the cake.
It definitely gives that awkward regretful-accident vibe and the generals body language is great.
I don't know why there's some confusion as to who is talking at the beginning, the Generals 'mouth'/helmet does move in such a way as to imply speech and I understood that fine. But perhaps subtitles could be an idea, for those who have trouble.

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Dude, that was fucking awesomely hysterical. I had to add this one and you to my favorites. Though, I will say it was pretty obvious that the dude with his tongue stuck to the pole wasnt the one talking in the beginning.

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I like it. Especially 00:40-00:45.
But sound is too quiet and illegible, so I watched this movie twice. Anyway, I still can't cath some jokes (yes, my ENGLEASCH ARE VERY NO GOOD).
Well, it's bad to be me.
P.S.: I hope you'll make a subtitles for YouTube version.

Good spatial dimensions. At the begining when the dude is leaning up agiasnt the wall, I had no idea he was the one talking until he moved. Just saying I felt confused during that.

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CaffeineClown responds:

Thanks for your review! That's fair enough! Unfortunately the good (bad) General insists on wearing a helmet ... he's awkward like that.

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2013
2:28 PM EST
Comedy - Original