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General Dismemberment Vs

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General Dismemberment is a supervillain who is kinda responsible for maiming one of his lackies ... he feels bad and visits him in hospital.

This was an animation made a few years back as a University Project but I figured I'd upload it here! Its a pretty old project really, back when I was cutting films together in Premiere rather than doing the whole thing in Flash...

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Enjoyable, very enjoyable. Not too dark, no penis jokes (not even slightly), and no blood (I think). I love General Dismemberment, his name is a bit weird though, but very suiting. Quality could be better, the voice should b a bit higher in volume (the only reason I heard anything was because it was quiet), and it all kinda felt like it was some evil guy going to the hospital because he was/is evil )like when people do stories about video game villains living a semi-normal life).

I love the ending of this, and the bit where he sits on the life support and squishes the cake.
It definitely gives that awkward regretful-accident vibe and the generals body language is great.
I don't know why there's some confusion as to who is talking at the beginning, the Generals 'mouth'/helmet does move in such a way as to imply speech and I understood that fine. But perhaps subtitles could be an idea, for those who have trouble.

Dude, that was fucking awesomely hysterical. I had to add this one and you to my favorites. Though, I will say it was pretty obvious that the dude with his tongue stuck to the pole wasnt the one talking in the beginning.

I like it. Especially 00:40-00:45.
But sound is too quiet and illegible, so I watched this movie twice. Anyway, I still can't cath some jokes (yes, my ENGLEASCH ARE VERY NO GOOD).
Well, it's bad to be me.
P.S.: I hope you'll make a subtitles for YouTube version.

Good spatial dimensions. At the begining when the dude is leaning up agiasnt the wall, I had no idea he was the one talking until he moved. Just saying I felt confused during that.

CaffeineClown responds:

Thanks for your review! That's fair enough! Unfortunately the good (bad) General insists on wearing a helmet ... he's awkward like that.