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Storm Ops 3

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Pick your bow, customize your arrow and step up to the first line of defense. It is up to you now to stop the invaders and bring peace to your land.
Mouse to aim and shoot;
1,2,3 - Garrison actions;
Space - Cancel shot;
Q - Swap quivers;
O - Quality;
ESC / P - Menu.

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The game is very well done. However, the tutorial could explain the mass archers and catapults better. I have no idea how to work them. I could get to Day 21 with just my crossbow, but then the targets proved too overwhelming seeing as i didn't understand how to work the archers and catapult. I also found that it was better to hit the enemy archers early as they were driving the gate percentage down. but by Day 21 there were so many of them, I was missing the footsoldiers. I find the wagons and horses a distraction. Not sure what they are meant to be doing. More explanation in the tutorial of their purpose in the game would help. My aim with the bow improved... I was glad of that. I preferred the light crossbow with the bodkin as it could do everything without having to buy other equipment. All in all i would certainly recommend this game esp. if there was more explanation of the 'enemy' provided. I think the accuracy of the bow and crossbow is as good as it can be. I'm more used to rifle shooting with a scope, so I've been learning bow/crossbow as I go along. Thanks for this game, it is fun! (one final comment...there needs to be some way to make it full screen... I could barely see what i was aiming at or where the arrows/bolts were landing...). Thanks.

The hit boxes are so annoying, so many times i have landed a perfect head shot and seen a dust cloud behind the person! It is fun, it's just that the hit boxes peeve me a little.
At least it's better than the previous two, though it would make more sense if you were on the wall with them coming straight at you.

Tip: play the tutorial so that you can buy the small crossbow before the first wave, then buy the bodkin arrow heads, then save and get the heavy crossbow, next buy the hardwood shafts and long fletchings. You could get the catapults before the shafts and feathers like I did, but the catapults didn't seem as effective as the pimped out crossbow. Either way though as long as you kill a lot of guys you should have enough money to keep the gate repaired and upgrade all the assists (archers and mead).
P.S. The archers are quite powerful when fully upgraded.

Heavy crosbow rules + catapults and rain of arrows. Yup fun game to me atleast.

Uh at first it looked fine.BUT THE LAG ON MY COMPUTER.Am I the only one with this problem?Overall good game 4/5stars.I'll blame the lag on my com.

"Lord Rufus!" ...Wish that guy would just die...

There was a LOT done well here, had me for hours.

The upsides:
Detail - The attention to detail here is phenomenal, ranging from graphics to hitbox performance all the way to historical accuracy. I was quite motivated to get and use the legendary English longbow, and I have to admit how realistic it is for how it is presented here. Also, as I'd expected, the bodkin tips were greatfor penetrating armor, and left me wanting for damage. Excellence here.

Performance - This regards the hitboxes and how meticulously tuned they are. I've played through AAA titles that weren't so fine-tuned, and this just blows me away. This was a tremendous boost to the gameplay, and went above and beyond to make it immersive. Excellence here as well.

Atmosphere - Instead of the expected song in the background, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find myself immersing with the din and cries of a live battlefield. This also does droves of work for the game's quality in the minor, unexpected way.

The downsides:
Enemies - While the variety and rules of each enemy are phenomenal, I quickly found myself unable to respond to the oncoming footmen fast enough to stop a majority of them once the explosive carts started joining the fray. This should have worked for the experience, but instead, wound up working against the fun, knowing that no matter what, you have no chance of marginalizing damage. They're too quick for the little bit of ground they have to cover. ...This isn't a point I like to push, since I can't think of a better idea to do it.

Archers - Even with upgrades maxed out, I was lucky if the volley would kill more than one footman. It defeats the purpose of having the archers if they don't do anything better than what the player is capable of. I found myself ignoring them entirely in favor of the catapults that kill everything in the radius.

I really, REALLY like this one, and I don't like having to put it down because I've run out of things to do with it. I'm hoping this little gem goes on to become a better version of itself with much more baddies and toys to play with! Keep 'em coming.

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4.13 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2013
2:08 PM EST