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All-Nite Vampire Saloon

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You are Dr. Awesome, Bjorn Lynne, and you want to open up your own Vampire Saloon. Yes, I have gotten complaints about the game lengths, not being able to mute music. There's M for that. Press EQUAL if the scene isn't your style or too hard, and BACKSPACE to replay a scene. You go at your own pace to build from ground up a Saloon for Vampires in Scotland.

This is a parody of all the business management games that have been flooding the shelves and portals for over a decade now. I'd like to think it all started with TAPPER and has, well I don't know about evolved. But this one takes a different course. Flying in a plane, recycling, and no scenario is the same and there's no repetition. It is VERY fast-paced we're talking. Meant to keep you from getting bored but long enough to finish the track playing. I do hope you enjoy.

If you don't enjoy of course you can skip to the ending, skip the game, but don't skip the disclaimer when you chose to leave a comment. Complain about the lack of interface or whatever, this is made for me and made for a niche audience that does indeed exist. It showcases my art, my rotoscope, and even some Traditional art thrown in there.

I spent a month on this nonstop almost between holidays and it was my secret santa gift to as many people as I could please as my way of saying thank you and it's not only my gift to share, but a message that will change the course of the rest of your life.

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This is AMAZING. An excellent trainwreck game !!