Ashton & Amy

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This is a slightly updated version.
Fira is now available,
Ashton and metal Sonic now have less health,
and a background is added to the opening cut-scene.
End of Update.
Flash was being a b***h while making this!

Anyway, this is a early Demo of an up coming flash series.

Ashton met Amy after he saved her from Metal Sonic. As a result for saving her, she offered to help him find someone who he's looking for.


well i like aston but i dont like astonamy

what is the plot of the story?

sonicx666666 responds:

I don't want to spoil to much of the plot, but here's the plot for this beginning part:

Like always Eggman is devising a plan to beat Sonic, but then finds out that there an intruder in the base. Eggman sends Metal Sonic to investigate, to which he finds Amy heading towards the exit. Metal Sonic pursues her till a green hedgehog comes to her aid and fights off Metal Sonic. After a fierce battle, Metal Sonic drains the hedgehog of his energy and is about to fire it back at him.

With only a second to spare Amy intervenes by throwing a Piko-Piko hammer in his face causing Metal Sonic to shoot the blast in the wrong direction and completing missing his target. Amy restores the hedgehog's energy with a Max either and the two of them join forces to beat Metal Sonic.

After another battle Metal Sonic retreats on the verge of death. Afterwards the two of them introduce themselves. Amy explains that she let herself get captured so she could learn what Eggman was up to next. After having all the information that she came for she easily escaped from her cell, but was caught while she was leaving.

That is all that I will be revealing at this time. There will be an update just as soon as I get some more of this done.

Wow, cool! I guess I'll have to wait for the next update!
I wonder why Metal Sonic needs Amy...

good keep up the good work

nice this series is gonna go far! cool ff13 battle theme. p.s.theres one problem: the only magic that seems to work is curaga

sonicx666666 responds:

The magic wasn't finished yet so I only coded curaga, though curaga doesn't even have the animation that I intended.

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Feb 3, 2013
9:31 AM EST