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Sandcastle Showdown

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Jelle is a grown man who loves building sandcastles. Today he managed to build the best sandcastle he has ever made. Sandcastle Showdown is the story of Jelle's struggle to defend his work from the jealous bullies who are trying to destroy it. Bullies will come in higher groups and at faster rates at you. Stand your ground!

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I stood my ground and protected the castle. Like other players, I thought it started off a bit slow b ut then it kicked in. Using flash can make you crazy after a few days so if you made it out with your sanity, you did well. I'm giving you 4 stars on this game because it deserves. Yes, a pause button could be cool but just keep on making new stuff! We want more!

Creative/entertaining story telling and simple gameplay makes it a 3 for me. A pause button would be nice and maybe some 'levels' could be added. A weapon upgrade meter might encourage the player to keep playing.

sucks, takes to long to get the people.

Victory!! Cool game!

Little slow at first. There should be a bigger gun selection. and at least have the enemies drop weapon upgrades when you kill them to make it a bit more interesting