Neon Hell

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Can you find the two easter eggs that will help you significantly in your quest? :3
Press R to restart and M to mute the music. This only works in-game!

I can't do any more fancy stuff, because I've reached my limit of 100 events. I even had to "compress" the current events a lot so I didn't go over my 100 event limit.
I also would've loved to implement something with the NG API; best times, seconds survived, stuff like that. But Newgrounds doesn't support HTML games fully yet.

Total time worked on it: about 50 hours.


Controls, credits, instructions and other stuff is in-game. There is no tutorial though. But the first two levels are pretty easy, so those will suffice as one.

Last but not least: this is the seventh HTML game submitted to Newgrounds. EVER. Cool, eh?

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Interestingly addicting game. I like both the art style and the music, it's calming, and you really need a claming interface in a game like this :P

I've ony lasted for 112 seconds so far and I'll keep playing.

Knuckstrike responds:

Ty sir, it definitely gets more fun after a while as the phases get a bit more diverse, try and see if you can pass all of them!

It feels quite incomplete but I see your reasons, it''s still very fun and quite addictive despite being minimalistic

Knuckstrike responds:

Thanks for leaving a review. Did you finish it?

If you read this, how did you come across my game?

Ok, this turned from "Boring as hell" to "Wow, this stuff is challenging!" in a very short amount of time.

The overall layout good be a bit better. The colouring in the menu looks awful and the buttons look too simple. But on the other hand: I don't have any experience with HTML5 yet, so I don't know, if you are limited by that in any way with your layouts.

The gameplay is really simple: Just dodge long enough to advance the levels. Can be really easy sometimes, but it becomes more difficult the further you progress.

I liked the idea of the "outrage", but it would be nice if we had some sort of basic attack, other than that special attack.

Overall, this can be a very addictive game, if you spice it up a little bit.

Oh, and that music? I made use of the 'm' button... :P

{ Review Request Club }

Knuckstrike responds:

Thank you very much for the review Haggard.

You're right about everything :D. The menu is indeed pretty bland. I could've changed both the background and the buttons. If I would've changed the buttons I wouldn't have been able to let them change if you click on them though. But better looking buttons would've been better than a click animation.

I should've probably made the levels a bit shorter, both so people can actually reach the last one and so it's a bit faster.

painfully boring

Knuckstrike responds:


That was really challenging!
I found one of the easter eggs "Eye of the hurricane," but I still couldn't beat level 6.
That boss was kinda hard. I kept missing the powerups because I was trying to survive the whole time :x
I don't know if the 2nd easter egg would've made it easier but I couldn't find it :P

Overall, this game was really enjoyable. It's a promising start!
If you keep making more games, you will definitely improve. I hope you don't stop after this :3

Good luck! :o

Knuckstrike responds:

Thanks for the review and the testing Shantom.
The other easter egg is not in one of the levels.
I think you're the only one who made it to level 6 so far. Well done. Did you survive for long?

My biggest flaw is that I can't draw/create art in any way. Maybe if I get a bit better at programming I'll join a team or something like that sometimes.

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3.57 / 5.00

Jan 30, 2013
1:23 PM EST
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