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Rock Paper Samurai

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Dev Decap 10 Points

Slice off the Developer's Head!

Skilled Samurai 25 Points

Defeat Eight Opponents and Unlock a Bonus!

Samurai Master 50 Points

Defeat One Dozen Opponents!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Rock, Paper, Samurai is a game created for the 0 Hour Game Jam and then revamped with better graphics and audio! Choose the right sword stance and attack your opponents with lightning speed! Unlock a fun mini-game by plowing through Eight Opponents!

UP/DOWN - Select stances
SPACEBAR - Attack!

-You always have to pick the stance one stance lower than your opponent, unless he has the lowest stance, in which case you must use the highest stance.
-It's easiest to pick a stance from the middle stance, so you may find it easier to wait until the last moment (when the screen flashes white) to pick your stance and attack in one quick motion!

I hope you enjoy this game!

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it looks nice and its fun but jesus christ you gotta be quick

Yeah, finally broke the 14th victory, found it easier to follow opponent's sword: sword points up->space; sword points left -> down space; sword points right-> up space. Super awesome game!

This game is pure awesome! Simple gameplay, fun concept, subtle, yet epic visuals come together to create a choesive experience! The way your tutorial indactes the rules ever so slightly without walls of text is an excellent game design strategy. Besides all other facts, that duck hunt minigame was the best! 10/10! I'll never know why this game is so underrated...

So simple... So awesome!!!
I had to reborn twenty times... Maybe more to defeat a dozen opponents... Even fulfilling my training... 30 correct stances and no miss at all, I wasn't able to win against my 13rd opponent.
I give you 5 stars and I still owe you for the massive fun and epicness of this simple game. I'm speechless. I just can say it's awesome, awesome... and awesome!

But now I ask two questions:

1. Why you didn't 3 buttons such as QWE, ASD or ZXC instead of arrows? (Anyway is fair enough to me, but I think it would be easier to change from stance to stance) and...
2. Why NPC character can slash you even if you attack first when both warriors are in the same stance? (Let me guess this one: it adds more difficulty)

I think this game is underrated. It is awesome! You just have to get used to it. Read description. And don't blink xD.
3 colors, 3 seconds of music and 3 control buttons. But after beating a dozen of opponents I feel myself a bad ass samurai. Not every multimillion project gives such a feeling.

01010111 responds:

Hey thanks! I'm glad you took the time to get the controls down and had a good time :D