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The Minecraft - Matrix

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Ok... so I must apologize for being so late to upload this short. Why didn't I upload it earlier? Well I've been pretty busy animating for other people, but the main and real reason is because I am a lazy idiot.
I am kinda embarrassed to upload this so late (3 months after I uploaded it to my Youtube channel) but its better late than never right? So if you haven't seen it before, I hope you enjoy it.

If you have any question to ask me, just PM me, I am always willing to answer all sort of questions.

Again... sorry Newgrounds if I failed you this time, I promise I won't do it again :')

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This art style is good but the everything IS BETTER XD

Woah, this was made a while ago! I really liked how the creeper, instead of the black part being it’s mouth, it’s more like a moustache, or a marking :]

mojang in 2050 be like

Really cool!
Too bad this is just a short... :/
oh well lol