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Help Matt H. pass all 20 levels full of math. Solve math tasks and beat best math-brains!

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A fair game, though extremely lacking in challenge.
Most calculations are doable in your head and the platforming aspect of it is also way too simple. Other than this, there are multiple other problems. For example the platform mechanism and the controls are flawed. Interchanging between mouse and arrow keys is inconvenient (unless you're left-handed). A change to WASD might have been particularly preferable.
Another adjustment that could be made is by allowing the use of the Enter button instead of having to click "OK" all the time. Another idea might be to have randomly generated math problems instead of having the same calculations over and over again. A bit of variety is good. This is actually a problem that applies for the entire game. There is not enough variety at all, all the platforms are really similar and there are only slight variations to each level.
@Olondor: "I finished level 8 even though I missed the final platform, I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen." I tested this on a couple of other levels and it seems like it didn't even matter if you reached the final platform, it still states that you've finished. This is another problem that might need fixing.
On a positive note, it is entertaining albeit for a very short while.
In summation, too easy, too repetitive, not challenging enough, etc. It could use some improvement, but it's not an entirely bad game.

good game

not bad, but why does it not accept 01 as being the same as 1? 01==001==0001==1.0==1

Extremely pretty and well designed game.

I don't mind the idea of maths + playing but the jump'n'run part is not good.

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2.89 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2013
12:41 PM EST
Puzzles - Quiz