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this game is made without 2DBox or any kind of api,I have wrote the CrushDetectionSystem,the ScriptReader for the reading of the Script which decides the way the "falling men" fall;to make the AS3-codes as short as possible,I have made the ScriptReader to be a bit complexed.
every work of the game has been done by myself.And I have made the construction of the game very messy,I have made the you guys cant return to the main menu from the credit-page or some other bugs;I have made the terrible explanation which appeared at the very beggining after you have clicked the "start" or “continue" buttons,so you may dont know that you can fire bullets in 4 directions from the UFO if you press W|A|S|D.But anyway,this is the second or the first game I have ever made
I have learnt jave and AS3 without teachers.It was really a tough period of time.
If any one send a message to me via skype:"hi,i need you fla of the ‘UFO&Man’,my email—××××@×××.×××",then i will send the fla to you.my skype:"fenglonghuo".
I guess that I never give up the programming,because it is just the art,i will come back when i have enough time,maybe at that time I will be 40,or maybe at that time I will be 25.
I now live in ShangHai for better chance of the life.And here I can get the higher internet speed.
good luck!: )
I am Pan,this work was completed when i was 15 or 16.now I am 19.i have left flash for a long period of time for the stress of my real life in china.now,i can survive in the social by myself,so i will may touch programming again,maybe i will construct a flash studio in the future.
i really love u guys,and i dont have got english-speaking friends,so i will be very happy if u contact me through my skype account "fenglonghuo".
and i really thank TalesofJC for she has guided me when i posted this game;but its a pity that i was too young to accept her advise correctly.Thank you,TalesofJC!


Clunky controls and a near impossible difficulty even on the first level. Requires quite a bit of luck to beat. I felt like on the last level, one hit would kill me because they fell in clusters. Also, the paint style sort of hurt my eyes.

2 stars

The art is funny. The colour almost makes my eyes blind.
But it's nice to have a try.
You should practice more and come up creative ideas.
Then you can make a good game.
P.S. lv 3 is tough.

I can see you learned quite a bit, but you still need a lot of work before you're ready to post, as I find this game to be incomplete and buggy.

The visuals need a LOT of work and I found them difficult to look at for long periods of time. The UI is awful. What you wrote is difficult to read and understand, and you need a spell checker big time. Whether or not these were supposed to be placeholder graphics, it's a moot point when you submit it, because now we have to assume it's completed.

Working knowledge of how to put a game together is good. What you should do from this point is restart and post in the collaboration section of the forums. See if you can assemble a good team to supplement you in all of the areas that you're deficient, and put together a clean and finished project based on your idea.

If you take my advice and create a forum post for help, make sure you spell out "clearly" what kind of game you're trying to build. This makes it easier for people to decided whether or not they want to work on it. So for these reasons, I had to vote 0 on this attempt.

Good luck in the future

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2.81 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2013
11:34 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight