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A short animation I used as a timesink - instead of playing games.
But now a girly girl has come into play so fuck this shit :)
Hopefully you will still enjoy this half-finished movie.


I love the concept and potential this story holds. Really wish you could have finished it. I would try not to publish unfinished work, especially when you do not credit the music used (unless you of course created it yourself). In the end, I really like this idea and wish you went through with it in entirety.

FireHound responds:

Ah yes, I forgot about the music... I will change that right now. And I know, unfinished stuff is bad... But in x years I might want to look back at what I was doing at this time :)

It is a half-finished movie, so this should not be publicated, untill you have done the entire movie...

FireHound responds:

In the end the universe suddenly stopped existing out of unknown causes!

I know man but I will never finish it. I thought maybe some people would still enjoy it. Maybe not.

it made me lol. nice sound effects. I like it because its so random. I guess it will be really cool if you finish it.

FireHound responds:

yeah I tried my best to find and edit the best fitting sound effects plus music I could find. I am glad you liked that part ;)

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Jan 26, 2013
4:08 PM EST