Treasure Island

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I did this animation for my 2D Animation class Im a COMPLETE BEGINNER so Id love some feedback on how I can improve, I will also be purchasing a drawing tablet so in the future it will be better quality cartoons. Shapes is all i can handle with a mouse lol and finally if you do leave feedback thanks :)


Well, I don't know what to say, kinda looks like you did it with Microsoft Paint. Sorry, but it did kinda have a plot. You should watch spazkids videos. Also it looks better if you draw the characters, don't just use the circle tool for things. Try to draw. But not bad for the first one

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UnholyXSoldier responds:

Im working on getting a graphics Tablet..... drawing with a mouse looks terrible lol thanks for the review :D

i have seen a lot worse, and i dont see any humor or jokes that zacharo was pointing out, it seems like just a basic flash derived from a random adventure ideal/background thought. and of course the flash needs improvement, with the ship it would need some rocking motion to simulate real life beach landing and of course keep in mind real life elements, such as throwing anchor a away off shore and taking a row boat, not beaching the whole ship lol. that would be reckless in a real life situation. other than that just improve more detailed walking scripts and motions, but dont try to tackel everything at once, break ti down, ur next flash choose something specifically to improve

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UnholyXSoldier responds:

ok Thanks for the review :D

I think you should improve your detail in your animations and your jokes. For instance, i think you should at least make a walking cycle instead of sliding him across the beach like the floor was made of soap. As for the jokes, your heart is in the right place but all of the jokes in this flash has been done before, like a million times before. Just make sure you practice your art style more and practice making original ideas for jokes! Good luck!

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UnholyXSoldier responds:

Thanks Il keep that in mind

If this is your first animation then its best you not upload it unless you want some criticism or pointers. (sadly it will no doubt be hars)

Your on your way but you need to do it over longer and get rid of the errors like blue sails and that thing with the 2nd frame.

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UnholyXSoldier responds:

Yes I know people can be harsh but i can take it and id like some pointers :D Annd thanks for the comments.

Not bad, you used your tweens 'n' stuff, decent graphics.
It's 2 stars from me. You should feel proud. :D

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UnholyXSoldier responds:

Thank you for being honest :D

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Jan 25, 2013
11:48 AM EST