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im not sure how this anim will go over since theres alot of full body cartoons here. hope its loved for what it is! :3

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I like it. But in fact, it's a little short. So, i'm thinking about story driven 1 minute animation would be cool, no?

And rating should be T, like it is now. If organs or something, than A ;)

Very nice! Hope to see the full animation soon... :D

Was very well animated would like to see in a larger animation and the noise in the background would be a good base for a theme

the stickman probably is naked (apart from the bandana) but I would rate this as M not A

I clearly don't see this as A-rated, more like T or M.

dabigE13 responds:

yeah i didnt quite realize how the rating system worked. i said excessive nudity because technically the stickman had no clothes on and i thought people would think that was a cute dumb joke but i think people were just pissed they didnt see playboy status stuff when they clicked here. lol

Not bad, not bad.
The animation was quite fluid. Audio was clear.
Pretty simple scene unfolding though, quite short.

Other than a few graphical things(wobbly body), there isn't much I can critically comment on.

Nothing against the shortness of the animation, but it would be nice to have a stop at the end(with option to replay) rather than an infinite loop.

A little background music would've been neat, too. :3