Gaem Gumps

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Author Comments

Will egoo & jun playin vid gaems. will they ever stop playin vid gaems? n actualy make vid gaems?

SpeedoSausage as Egoraptur
Lardsticks as Jontrun

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It's pretty dead on in terms of accuracy, though it's missing the ambiguous homosexuality.

What would be the name of the song you used?

LardSticks responds:

it in da descriptoin... on da youtooob cartooon... i glad u liked it =]

This animation is funny, not everyone will get the humor but if you do it is top of the line. I watch this almost everyday because I like it so much. The abstract art style is very appealing. The music is good, almost as good as poke-em on. This animation is a surrealist look at the current state of two previous internet super powers.

LardSticks responds:

fank u.... that woz a veri nice review. ... but i just maek silly animatons 4 fun n i enjoy doing dem...... n if ppl lik dem, kwl.... n i kno it not 4 evry1 liks dem. but that ok. it betr 2 b weird n difernt than.. try 2 b lik evry1 else.
fanks agen

Woah that was incredibly accurate. And the best fucking parody I have ever saw in my entire life.

Hey come to think of it didn't I see you do a sketch in Brawl Funnies? Probably not but you should definetly do some more crudely drawn parodies like this over here. Also holy shit you got Speedo himself to voice Egoraptor? Wow he's becoming quite popular these days. Maybe you should credit him.

Anyway awesome job and yeah. I'm off!

LardSticks responds:

fanks... i did credit him.... he is my fav animator

no i hav nevr done a sketch on brawl funnies.
erm... ther is a difernce between dis n the utoob one.... as swf liks to slow doon da voices... n

Epic lol !!

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3.96 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2013
4:14 PM EST
Comedy - Parody