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Small Rally Trophy

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SRT (Small Rally Trophy) is a 3D racing game where you race through miniature worlds. Race over a pool table, a kitchen worktop and a study. Race with a blue Ford Mustang against several competitors, beat the competition and improve the fastest time!


reminds me of the classic micromachines to some degree, but with terrible control and semifinished graphics.

Pretty bad. Like N64 graphics without the main components. I got stuck in the sink of the kitchen level and couldn't leave. Needs alot of work before it can be considered good.

A global score board would make it worth the trouble of having my car constantly veer to the right and then suddenly veer to left a few times before it decides it does not want to veer in either direction and simply wants to lose traction in the rear end. Speaking of worth the trouble...this could be a multi-player hit if you fix the car and add some upgrades.

The controls are a bit wonky. My car kept trying to go right for some reason. Seems like something I could lose myself in for a few hours, though.

this game is terrible and its not even the graphics no the car is way to hard to handle and automatically shifts to the right even though most or the turns on any of the three tracks is left. you always win even if you clearly have lost by like three laps. when you reset the car it starts you off in odd places no where near where you were and sometimes in the wrong direction. for example the kitchen level if you fall of the counter anywhere before the ramp it starts you at the ramp where you clearly wouldnt have enough speed to go over it then you fall into the sink which i though was funny cuz you can drive around in the sink all and all the game was just terrible you cant pick your car you get the same crappy mustang there is just so much that could be fixed with this game

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2.95 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2013
10:24 AM EST
Sports - Racing