Princess Peach: Not Much

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Just needs smoother mouth animations and it's perfect.

the story isnt there. try going into a colab, i think it will be good. but first try making a story of play on words. try to convay somthing to the audience.

....have you been keeping up with your drawing...?

PrinceTrunks responds:

Not so much over these past 9 years, lol. Then again, I've always been more of a pixel/gif animator since my drawing skills weren't always so great. These were sketches made by my fiancee that I moved to Flash without a tablet and edited. Once I get my tablet and practice some more... my own art style will be fine tuned. I might also just do some pixel parodies as I try to draw better.

0_o ah WTF?!

For Timmayrod2700, the reason for Luigi flipping off Peach, if you listen, which was hard to understand her in the first place, she says, "Oh, the third-wheel is here. Hi!" Thus, Luigi flipped her off.

Now, as for the short animation itself... Hate to say it... not very impressed. While the art itself was okay, the rest was just not so great. The dialog really didn't piece together at all, making little sense of WHY they were even interacting with one another. It jumped from one context to the next, sloppily.

And what was with Peach having this accent at the start, and then losing it in her second scene? First she sounded like a very bad mock-Italian accent, then switched to almost a "Valley-Girl" type.

All in all. cute work, but poor dialog and (lack of) story transition killed this for me. Sorry, but please keep trying.

PrinceTrunks responds:

Agreed. This started as just a parody of what my fiancee and I said at the end of one of our Let's Plays. It's short and simple...more of a try at what I can do as an animator, throwing my voice as Mario/my fiancee as an uninterested Peach... and just a quick throwback to that Let's Play.

For future Flash submissions I plan on writing up a script and screenplay to give it more flow, story when needed, and better comedy if needed since comedy is timing + delivery .

Nothing really grand and deep was intended with this submission.

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3.37 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2013
9:16 PM EST
Comedy - Parody