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Frantic 3

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Time for even more Frantic bullet dodging, ship destroying chaos!

15 Levels + 15 much harder Bonus Levels
Lots and lots of Bosses & Mini-bosses
Massive combinations of Upgrades
Deep Scoring System
Tons of Intense Bullet Patterns
A modifier system and 5 ships to customise your destruction


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here's a broken build for fighter
arrange your weapons in this order:
3 particle launchers
3 absorption panels
3 shield regens
3 power boosters
you should have the money around about when you reach area 4

The game is great by itself, but I'm very disappointed it's a downgrade from Frantic 2. Hell, even the heavy metal is gone!

how to beat kamikaze:
-choose interceptor
-mode 2: casual
-8 cannons
-1 missile
-3 overdrive drives
-2 magnets
-2 absorbers
-have good dodging skills

I Like Frantic series

okay why does area 2 look better than area 1?
and not in a good way like 2 has a black background and projectiles that are pure coloured making them pop while area 1 has a white grid.

other than that though the game is decently fun, it has the potential to be a good game but the amount of armour (playing on highest difficulty so take this with a grain of salt) the enemies have is quite absurd, you need to grind in the bonus if you want to kill enemies quickly which in a space shooter is where most of the flow comes from.

but other than every enemy being a tank and the background (in the first area at least) taking away from the other visuals it's a good game.

the various bullet colours help tell patterns apart, the shop system has a lot of options to play with (though i discovered a glitch where the left most null slot is actually usable but has no graphic aside from level) it's just a fun time kill, if not a bit of a slower paced one.

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2013
9:14 AM EST