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Frantic 3

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Time for even more Frantic bullet dodging, ship destroying chaos!

15 Levels + 15 much harder Bonus Levels
Lots and lots of Bosses & Mini-bosses
Massive combinations of Upgrades
Deep Scoring System
Tons of Intense Bullet Patterns
A modifier system and 5 ships to customise your destruction


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how to beat kamikaze:
-choose interceptor
-mode 2: casual
-8 cannons
-1 missile
-3 overdrive drives
-2 magnets
-2 absorbers
-have good dodging skills

I Like Frantic series

okay why does area 2 look better than area 1?
and not in a good way like 2 has a black background and projectiles that are pure coloured making them pop while area 1 has a white grid.

other than that though the game is decently fun, it has the potential to be a good game but the amount of armour (playing on highest difficulty so take this with a grain of salt) the enemies have is quite absurd, you need to grind in the bonus if you want to kill enemies quickly which in a space shooter is where most of the flow comes from.

but other than every enemy being a tank and the background (in the first area at least) taking away from the other visuals it's a good game.

the various bullet colours help tell patterns apart, the shop system has a lot of options to play with (though i discovered a glitch where the left most null slot is actually usable but has no graphic aside from level) it's just a fun time kill, if not a bit of a slower paced one.

It feels kinda rushed and half-assed. Also, why no quality controls?! My computer can't handle it because it's old, causing inconsistent frame rates and unnecessary deaths!

Frantic 1 was beginner's Touhou,
Frantic 2 was the most awesome bullet hell game I knew,
But then came Frantic 3,
I hoped the best,
But it turned out quite bad.

No rock music,
No black background,
Odd customization screen,
No working score submit.
Help had a wall of text,
No pictures to help out,

There were too many enemies,
Shooting too many bullets,
You could only take one hit less than you had shields.
More weapons, yes,
I did not see the different bullets,
Nor different colors for them,
No helping minions,
And the awesome spread attack I loved,
Was gone,

Liking the menu music,
The ship design,
Would it take too long,
To add nicer buttons?
Give a introduction?
Have a story?
There were 5 areas,
Each showed the boss,
I thought.
First boss looked lame,
Was that a ship?
I did not know.

I have no need to go further a few stages,
I do not expect much,
Same thing as Frantic 2,
Wanted to be awesome,
This failed miserably, for my opinion.

Sorry for the little poem, I usually do these to entertain myself.
Also, you probably can see what I am talking about.
I want some of these problems fixed.
Maybe all of them.

For my opinion this is unfinished,
Did in a hurry,
Would need maybe some trophies,
To attract more.