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Scattered Song

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Author Comments

Press "L" to reload the level.

Created for One Game a Month: http://www.onegameamonth.

A peaceful and musical puzzle adventure game. Find the missing pieces of a song scattered about the world, and restore them to their pedestals.

There are some special unlocks after you beat the game once!
Your progress and record times are saved when you complete the game.

Soundtrack: http://bit.ly/XtdRKS
Blog: http://wp.me/p35AkB-1x
Repository: http://bit.ly/10hZ5Iq

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it wont load :((

Absolutely AWESOME game! The only issue I'm having (and it's a personal thing, not a playability thing or anything wrong at all) is that... hedge-maze. I keep on getting "so close and yet so far" and then somehow backtracking. IT'S THE LAST ONE I NEED!!lol

chjolo responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words!

Perhaps you knew this already, but that maze... does not *need* to be invisible. Make sure you've figured out what to do with the orbs *after* returning them to their pedestal.

Very fun game. Neat idea, implemented well, and challenging.

chjolo responds:

Thank you very much. :)

Going to share my thoughts without giving too much away for those that haven't played or completed it yet. I enjoyed it and was challenged with the puzzles. Yet was also frustrated / annoyed with a couple of them, till I figured out what the small image bubbles meant. The learn as you play aspect is always something I'm a fan of. Also the music went well with each area.

There were only a couple of things I would have liked to see done differently, and this is just my opinion. First was after finding the first 4 obvious orbs I wandered about aimlessly trying to find the other 2. I ended up finding the other areas by accident. Perhaps you could have some sort of indication there is a transition between areas? Second in all the areas except the invisible maze one you can use the "L" key restart it. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. Third, still not sure what being able to move the portals did...

In all good job my friend, keep up the good work. Looking forward to February's game!

chjolo responds:

All of the levels can be completed with or without arrows. The path you happened to take in the teleporter level did not require arrows.

The "L" key is disabled for that level because of dumb, last-minute bugs. I may be able to entirely take out that functionality, as I believe I have removed the bug that caused me to implement the level reloading.

A couple tweaks to levels and other things will hopefully make the game less frustrating.

Thanks for the feedback!

-The wind puzzle is frustrating, and not in a good "Yay, I finally beat it, way" I gave up on it... that entire puzzle needs to be reworked.
-Takes a long time to load. I wasn't ready for it. May just be my internet though.

The game is a good work in progress, but I really can't get past that wind puzzle... I got to the part where you have to make a dash at the gem, and even finding a spot right on the edge of the wind where I could audibly hear it, making a dash at the last second on the right side didn't even get me halfway there. Unless there's some way to stop the wind that I'm missing, I think that part is impossible.

chjolo responds:

Thank you for responding and giving reasonable criticisms!

All of the levels are indeed beatable, I made sure of that. I know the wind level is incredibly frustrating. I am working on some ways to improve it, such as giving the wind some sort of visualization. Being able to see the "width", distance, and direction of the wind as well as when it's blowing will hopefully strip away the frustration while maintaining the challenge.

It does indeed take a while to load at times. I'm not sure why though :/ I very much appreciate your waiting through it to give the game a shot though.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2013
12:50 PM EST