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This actually happened once...

more on youtube...

(ok I'll take that advice and I will do more long animations)

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when i first saw this i laughfing so hard tears out of my eyes, just look from the balloon made it better had see it a second time again

love the offset humor

The reason why I liked this flash was because of the unexpected twist to a story with the title yeah...I thought seeing as it had the title yeah, it would just have a balloon that said yeah (THE END)!! But instead, you blew my headphones with a surprising pop of the child's head.
I know that the flash is only around 8 seconds, but it's quite satisfying to my tastes. I know I'm saying all these good things about it, but only gave it 3 and a half stars. That's because the story was smart and witty, but you could've extended the joke until every last drop of humor was squeezed out. If it had the balloon like, ask his mum for a new one and it shows the mum and boy balloon walk into a boy shop it would've have been gold. Again, I'm not saying just because it is 8 seconds long that it is a bad flash animation, I'm just saying that the story could have improved better then it already is...And that would be like, better than better!!! Animations such as these improve on originality, talent and artistic elements to future animations by you.
The flash was, satisfactory. I hope that you improve immensely and become a famous millionaire.

Was is the music piece?

I must know(Shazam didn't find:()

Does human have helium or air in thier heads?

i jumped since i thought the balloon would pop.....AWESOME