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Orbital Destroyer

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Author Comments

Quick action/shooter game. You must destroy the enemy settlements on a distant planet.

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Great potential but theres another bug i found: If you hit something generating a blast or a wave of blood you cant hit things underneath which is especially annoying when there are several missiles incoming with very short distance to each other and you cant fire at these for 1 or 2 seconds which can be vital

TaliumCorr responds:

Hmm... I'll check this problem soon. Thank you!

Couple of things you could have done better...

This game would be awesome if you use the defense formula. What I mean is having upgrades so that you can recharge your weapon faster, better base damage, etc. A good reason for this is that missile seem to launch in the last two missions faster than you can shoot them down.

There was never a time I wanted to shoot a city rather than a missile base unless I actually had to. It took a bit of the strategy out of the game.

I did beat it on the first playthough only because I had a lot of lives by level 8. I lost 4 in that level and 3 in the level after but still had enough to eek out a victory. The game is easy until about round 8 where the difficulty gets to be relentless. Round 9 was actually easier than round 8 due to the placement of cities compared to missile defenses.

Noted bugs: Sometimes the laser would not shoot even when at full charge. I had to click several times for the shot to go off. Also, the invincibility power up doesn't work.

TaliumCorr responds:

Thanks for feedback DTSephiroth. You gave me the material on which to think about.

Yes, there is a problem with shoots and I'll try to fix it. As I said before I'm going to completely redo the implementation of fire in the game.

Can you explain in more detail what you meant to say about "invincibility power up doesn't work"? What is "invincibility power up"?)

It is simple, fun, and entertaining. Definitely a good game to pass the time. Not the best of games I have seen but I recommend it. Well done!

This game has potential, hence the 4/10, but I have a few problems with it:

1) The introductory story is far too short. As short and vague as it is, you could have just done without it and just said, "Kill enemies, destroy buildings." There is a lot of potential for a more interesting back story. As it is right now, there's no way to tell if the player is actually trying to defeat a dangerous enemy, or taking over a planet and killing innocent people who are just trying to defend themselves. A motive for killing these people, even if the player is actually the villain, would make the game more interesting.
2) The targeting is off. I have shot at the same missile or building or person over and over, with the cross hairs perfectly centered over them, and missed over and over again.
3) The area scrolling is slow and awkward. There is no way to tell if there are buildings outside the frame I'm focusing on without scrolling over to look, and that is a low priority when there are twelve missiles all coming at me at once.

Like I said, this game has potential. As it is now, I wouldn't play it again.

TaliumCorr responds:

Thanks for detailed feedback theycallmecheeze!

great but it was annoying that when you died you started the WHOLE GAME OVER!

TaliumCorr responds:

There is a bit of hardcore here:) Initially, you have three chances to win...

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2013
1:20 PM EST