Waiting 4 Game of Thrones

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Joffrey tells Tyrion about his expectations for season three of Game of Thrones.
Made this in anticipation for the upcoming season. Hope you enjoy and as always reviews are appreciated!

Big thanks to NG for the Front Page!

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The animation is good, but it's not funny. The nudity is only a big deal to whiny babies anyways.

I guess.

One of the strengths of Game of Thrones (and, of course, the books it's based on) it in its ability to approach and make mundane a topic that fantasy has traditionally fled in fear from; sex. It might overdo it, but not nearly so bad as the traditionally Tolkien-esque fantasy settings that have extracted all sex (and all women) from them. The Hobbit, for instance, doesn't even have a single female character in it!

Aside from that, this merely pandered to Tyrion fans and Joffrey haters. Really, it's people like Tyrion at HBO that are the reason there's so much sex in the series. It seemed strange to use Tyrion as the mouthpiece against nudity. Everyone enjoys watching Joffrey get slapped, but over this issue it felt really out of place.

read all the books and I've seen season 1... cant say I'm too excited for when the series actually catches the books... book 4 and 5 are kind of boring in all honesty.

Jonimator responds:

Books 3 and 5 are my favourite actually. I definitely agree that the 4th was a little less exciting than the others, but that's probably just because the 5th book follows all my favourite characters whereas the 4th follows the other set.

Having read the books up to book 4 i cant wait for season 3.

Gotta agree with you. The show def has more (unecessary) sex scenes than the books, tho they both have their fair share. Like some one else said alot of the book has more insight as to what each character is thinking and in the show they had to translate that into dialogue so they had to create characters such as the the redheaded whore that makes her way across the Seven Kingdoms to delve deeper into the characters like Theon and Littlefinger. Over all tho, I couldn't put down the books and I'm eagerly waiting for season three.

Jonimator responds:

Yeah the character Ros did start did get on my nerves, as they wrote in more and more scenes about her, and as a result had to cut out other scenes. Then again you can never expect a TV show to be entirely faithful to the books. I'm still really looking forward to season 3!

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Jan 13, 2013
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