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Finally after roughly a year, the second part of Snapshot is completed.

The file size is 12.3 MB, please wait patiently.

Let me know what you think and don't forget to rate, thank you for watching!

Front paged and my very first daily first golden trophy! Thank you guys!

For people who are confused by the story...


The female robot pilot was the baby, she seeks vengeance for her parents. Her mother was the fat boss's wife/woman, and her father worked for him as well. (Note that both the boss and the woman wear rings.) The boss hired the "Snapshooter" for their betrayal.

I try to tell the story in a way makes audiences assume the story as a standard revenge story, then reveal in the end that the assumed revenge seeker is actually the murderer.

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Words cannot describe how fire that fight scene was.
Nice frame by frame you did at some parts, also noticed some major style improvements since the last animation.
I found it nice how those scenes slowly connected to each other and formed a story. Perfect way to end this series.

Quasimodoxxx responds:

Thank you! I appreciate the positive feedback!

This was full of awesomness,good job dude.
I cant wait to see more from you

Quasimodoxxx responds:


This was a realy great animarion. I liked it. Great job. And exelent style of art.

Wow just wow. Soo riveting. A picture/"Flash" says a thousand words - *Snapshot*.

This was awesome. I don't usually rate stuff but with this I just had to. I love the way you animated everything. I love the way you made a story and a cool video with no vocals. This was probably one of the best action animations i've seen in a while. I only have one criticism... I wish I didn't have to wait lol the story, animation, and everything just make you crave more. so my final verdict on this animation is 6/5.....sadly I can't rate higher than 5. GOOD JOB!