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"An old adventure ends. A new adventure begins.

Fair trade."

Update #001 of Afterstuck, a new Homestuck-inspired fan adventure. This concludes the storyline of my previous fan adventure, Headstuck (which I discontinued on December 29th, 2012) so it serves as Update #200 of that adventure as well.

If it doesn't make any sense to you, it's because there are 199 pages of leadup (including other Flash animations, hand-drawn animation, live action video, and LOTS of text) building up to this. The animation itself is basically a summary/montage of many months or years' worth of such updates - just whatever stuff I had in my notes for the future. Sorry guys. D: I should've put this disclaimer up earlier.

BGM: "In the House, In A Heartbeat" by John Murphy. This awesome track has been used in such awesome productions as 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, and Kick-Ass.


Okay, so kids. I just read the reviews down there, and allow me to explain to you how to understand this video. I never read the rest of the author's story, and I got it. I might even look it up because it DOES make a lot of sense.

This is a fanventure based around the sensation known as Homestuck which has gotten wildly popular in the past four years. It looks like a version set after the "end" of the original series, including some of the original main characters as plot development devices and background builders.

It clearly follows the art and update style of the original webcomic, and honestly appears to be really well made from the looks of this video. Looking at the description, I wonder about the live action video updates, but if the quality of this has any bearing, I'm sure those will be fine as well.

To the author: It saddens me that you discontinued this before I even found it, but at least I know what's coming so I don't get my hopes up for updates.

Keep up the good work!

I liked the well developed character backstories and the non-linear and rich plot line. I laughed, I cried...I'm a different person

I take it we were supposed to have watched your other videos or read whatever that book on the floor was to understand this?

Neat animation.. I didn't understand it though.

Awesome style you got. i just wish i knew what it was about.

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Jan 9, 2013
9:29 PM EST