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Moon Horse 4: The Conq...

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We once again join our intergalactic steed, as he faces his most clever adversary yet. Who will conquer who, in this battle for all that the eye can see.

(I know it ends abruptly, they all do, it's meant to be that way. I know the play button is a tad shrouded, I meant for it to be, if you can press it there's no need to complain about it.)


This was way too short..If your trying to tell a story, then at least put the effort into it. The animation style was subpar, and is in desperate need of some color. Your choice to end these abruptly and "shroud" your play button does not demonstrate style or purpose..Its just sloppy. The abrupt ending would work if it made sense..It doesnt. The same goes for the play button. No one should have to look for the button that gets your flash started.. I hope to see some improvement in your next one.

falling responds:

You probably shouldn't watch the next one then. I make these for fun and for my friends in like 30 minutes for a laugh. Regardless, an animation doesn't "need" color. And the whole thing is sloppy. That's kind of it's deal. Calm down man, this is obviously a fun bull shitty cartoon.

It was neat for a bit, then it ended.. lol. Also the PLAY button is a little.... hidden. o_O;

loved it but the animation ended abruptley and you shouldn't cover the play button.

falling responds:

You managed to press it, so I don't see the problem. It's supposed to end abruptly, the whole point is how anticlamtic it is, and the abrupt ending emphasises that. Thank you though.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2013
7:18 PM EST
Comedy - Original