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Havin' a Ball

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Get to the Ball!

Author Comments

Is it corny and sappy? Yes, but I tried to keep that to a minimum in the public version here. To keep the story brief, Dannce ( Dannce. newgrounds. com ) wanted a little something special before we set off for a ball back on Dec. 1; the result was this game minus a few things. I added some features such as the Score Mode and a medal for our anniversary, Jan. 9. I hope people can find enjoyment in its gameplay beyond its sappiness!

NOTE- If you find any glitches, feel free to tell me! I may not be able to accomplish much due to a lack of experience with Stencyl, but I'll do what I can!

1/11/13- Very minor update for stability, fixed a glitch where the coin (in Score Mode) would spawn inside of a block, rendering it unable to grab.

1/12/13- After watching the score plummet like a rock, I decided that a level select ( top left corner of the menu) would be the best thing to add in without making the game any easier. You can now fly right by the invisible level and onto the last. NOTE that you can still get the medal if you hop to the last level; I decided that it's a tough enough level to warrant it. Enjoy...wimps. :3

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3rd was so annoying

Intrapath responds:

Was that the invisible one? Yeah, not my finest moment in hindsight, haha

that last level is basically an example of what not to put in a platformer

Intrapath responds:

Haha, it's been forever since I've even taken a look at this, crazy to think people are still even playing it. Thanks for taking the time to review!

The gravity needs to be stronger, alot of the time I feel my character getting flung because I overshot it way too far, but good art/music

Intrapath responds:

Thanks for taking the time to play and give feedback! I've been wanting to make another game again for some time, maybe during a game jam... :)

Level 2 is hard for me

Intrapath responds:

Wow, it's been a long time since someone reviewed this! :D hehe. Thanks for the feedback!

Music was uninspiring but did have a unique off kilter air about it. Somewhat nice polish to the art but gameplay is pretty off with the spike in difficulty. Fatal game error on level four after dying too fast. Won't respawn me. Nothing really stands out to me but the music, which unfortunately gets very repetitive very fast. Wish I could give you more mate but this is a solid 2.

Intrapath responds:

You're definitely right about the difficulty spike, taking that into mind on whatever I may do next. Sorry to hear about the game not respawning; I put in a respawn button ( R ) since that did actually happen A LOT in testing; Stencyl has pretty lame hitboxes. And the music can be changed from the menu to music A or B. :) thanks for taking the time to play and review!

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2013
2:51 PM EST