Penguin Hockey

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This is the BETA version of my latest game Penguin Hockey. I've reached the point where I've gotten so used to it that I can't tell if it's bad or good...just looking for some input. Comments are WELCOME and APPRECIATED! Hope you enjoy!

What I'd REALLY enjoy hearing about is:
1. Are the controls easily understandable?
2. Is it too easy/hard?
3. Is it fun?

Please keep in mind that you can't win this version, just score points up to 40 I think.


has potential....shot clock is too quick.....distance to foul line is too short.......first few shots are almost impossible, once you get the hang of it and find the sweet spot (just below the top) then every shot is a goal......with a little bit of randomizing and smoothing of graphics this will be awesome...keep working and good luck

It is decent for a first game submission,the control works fine and the fish bounces off the sides like a hockey puck.The designs are quite good and simple and that there are some 'characters' in the audience that seems to bring back memories('Snowy from Tintin')and they looked like they have been drawn out(not so much the Eskimo though who looks out of place).However,there seems to be a glitch as the fish can thrown outside the area and then it will stay there without going into the goalpost until time is up.Good work on this even though it is just a first try,as over time,you will get better with more practice.

Game as it is now is (imho) not yet in playable stage (but then again, you said yourself its just beta).

1) The controls are understandable, maybe just clear the main menu up a bit.
2) The difficulty is ok, there is, however, an exploit - if you bounce the fish off the bottom wall you can avoid the penguins 90% of the time.
3) The game has potential for fun, but atm it shows it is a work in progress.

What i suggest is first add levels. Progression always makes things more fun. I would also add different maps - for example an L shaped field where you HAVE to bounce the fish of a wall etc. Maybe make the background smaller to increase gaming area.

It has potential though, improve the things above and it will be good :)

I really like it!!

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Jan 9, 2013
12:20 AM EST
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