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Enola: Prelude

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This exciting spin on the turn based RPG genre sends players on an epic journey across the land of Enola. Battle a wild variety of enemies and bosses across 16 unique hand drawn levels. Collect materials, build new weapons and learn a devastating array of magic attacks.

After completing the game, you enter prestige mode. You keep all your weapons, items and spells but all the enemies become much harder and you will have to complete each level again. This is only a prelude - bigger things to come!

** NOTE **

if anyone has previously played this game on ArmorGames during its initial launch, bugs were experienced. These have been hopefully fixed for this version and it should be a much better experience. Enjoy!

Update - Tuesday 8th Janurary 2013
People here experienced problems with ailments - we have just pushed an update which should address this and a few other minor problems. Sorry about that!

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Can someone please tell me if there is anywhere that music after you win, I would be eternaly grateful... :D

Some complaints: Occasionally when I use Limit Break, after the enemies take damage, the animation usually gets plastered on the screen until the end of the stage, obstructing what I can see in the gamescreen. I also almost never get debuffs like "Armor Shatter" and "Weapon Shatter", making it hard for me to get the in-game achievements.

The graphics and music are quite appealing, and the voice acting is good. Animation is pretty smooth too (if you ignore some glitches). The game however is too short; just when I start to feel a fondness for it, I've reached the end though I hope this prelude does get a sequel.

Whilst I certainly enjoyed the game, there's a thing that bothered me quite a bit. There's this music theme in it (the battle theme), and I can't help but notice... It's also the one that plays in REMNANTS OF SKYSTONE. Now, I mean no offense (really), but I believe one should use creations made by oneself. If you're the maker of the song, I do apologise; but if not, proper credit should be given, I believe.
Now that we're past that, and as I said before, it was really enjoyable. I also would add a difficulty feature, besides the "prestige" one.
Also, on a personal note, what I liked the most was the "harvesting materials" feature for crafting. It reminded me of SUMMON NIGHT: SWORDCRAFT STORY, a game I quite enjoy and replay every so often.