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girl and fruit

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A little girl gets lost in the forest. When she is hungry and thirsty, delicious fruit falls from the sky. The girl collects the fruit with a basket happily. But she must pay special attention to the poison apples dropped by the hateful witch. The game has 9 levels. You can enter the next level when you collect a certain amount of fruit and achieve a certain score. Every time when the girl is hit by a poison apple, she loses one life point. When life point becomes 0, the game is over.
Use the mouse to play this game.

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This isn't a badly designed game, for what I will assume to be your first attempt at creating a game. The only major problem that I have with this game is that it is impossible to collect every falling fruit, without running into a poison apple. Even if I didn't catch the apple, and just ran into it, I lost a life, which I thought was silly, because I had to catch all of the good fruits in the basket, in order to collect them. Other than that, this game is pretty decent for a first attempt! It's a tad unoriginal maybe, but a good first try!

Bad. Here is my feedback:
1) Very defective, as the evil tomato/pumpkin (I don't really know what that is) cannot be caught and you lose a life if you do. Until now, nothing wrong. But if you let it fall in the ground, you lose a life. So, you can't pick and you can't let it fall. How can you avoid losing a life then? Shoting with any .12?

Visuals are nice, but sounds could use a little more variety. Maybe change poison apples to something else? It's not like she is eating these, but contact with any part of her takes a life. You should add a little more to it, maybe some additional features between levels?