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Misadventures of Dr.Bardo

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Author Comments

This is the Misadventures of Dr. Bardo,
A Ludum Dare 25 game made in 72 hours by:
Jellonator, programming.
AlucardX60, art.
and MKSTAR26, music.
W, A, and D to run and jump.
Hold S to spawn a bomb with science
Left mouse button to throw. (Also controls angle and velocity)

There is a difficulty setting in 'options' (O button on title screen) if the game is too hard.
Made with Flashpunk.

Bugfixes(yes they are allowed):
fix 0.1:
-Fixed bug where you die when entering the final boss room
fix 0.4:
-Bottomless pits have their functions again
-Added some text at the bottom of the page for clarity on other websites(e.g. dA, Newgrounds)
-Made the buzzsaw enemies less powerful, 10 dmg instead of 20.
fix 0.6:
-Fixed boss health bars not resetting
-changes the boss health text from white to black(readability issues)

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This is actually a really good game in that everything works, has dual control inputs that work well together, and it's challenging yet fun.

it is pretty fun but way to short 2 of the 5 levels were basically tutorial yeah i get it was a ludum dare but 4.5/5

Good game! There are some problems, though:

Even if you die at the very end, you still start from the beggining, which gets frustrating. Maybe add checkpoints? or less lengthy rooms. Also, rather than just blowing stuff up, you might want to make the game more centered around the bombs, like what else can you do with them? Just blow stuff up. Yup. Hate to say it, but even blowing stuff up gets old. Make it do new things. Maybe make a sequel or something to expand on this? Also, the music is EXTREMELY repetitive, which is good ususally, but, it doesn't even loop correctly, which always bothers me a TON.

Thanks, thats all for now.

Jellonator00 responds:

There is a tidbit of code in there that gives bombs knockback on yourself, I was going to implement puzzles using this but bombs do enough damage to make hard mode impossible. Also as for the music, blame our composer he's a lazy butt.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback. We may create a sequel in the future, but instead we're going to use C++ instead, due to several issues the game has as it currently stands(e.g. the music).

Credits & Info

2.75 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2013
10:47 PM EST