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Author Comments

In Trid you'll be recreating patterns as fast as you can. For every pattern you get a tiny bit of extra time in order to finish the next one, don't assume this is easy though, Trid has a trick up his sleeve that will drive you nuts!

# Instructions #
Click the tiles to place or remove tiles, recreate the pattern in the corner as fast as you can. For every completed pattern you get a few extra seconds on the clock.

# Controls #
Use your mouse.


Download the game for your Android phone/tablet, link in the game!

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I'm a bit of a fan of your work (Silver nugget especially) yet I'm not a massive fan of puzzle games but i was willing to give it a go and I'm glad i did, the game it's self still has work to be done even if it's rather small things.I'll brake down the review for easier reading:

Art:Simple,bright but functional and fitted the needs of the game i wasn't expecting a masterful visual but even so the art was most defiantly above par. I can't think of any real criticism for it. 8/10

Audio:The main menu music i found rather repetitive and basic and in all honesty could be much better but the main game music was very befitting for the fast paced action and more than made up for the main menu music. 7/10

Gameplay:The game it's self was rather enjoyable if short but I'm guessing that's what you where aiming for, something that could be played for 5 minuets during a coffee brake or while somethings downloading and if that's the case it achieved it's goal. The scoreboard was a nice feature if (and this could just be my PC here) rather slow to load. A few different modes would have been nice e.g challenge,campaign/story etc. or missions the give a better sense of an ultimate goal but once again if it's just a 5 minuet game no worries. 8/10

Overall i enjoyed playing this and that's whats really important, as i said above the sounds the only thing stopping this being a 4.5 or even a 5 but it's still a good game by any means.

I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours and hope you take these points into consideration :D.

lol wow that was a excellent game keep making more!!!

The game is well-made but it has a great flaw in my opinion. During the initial levels, there's no challenge. I just need to follow and click. And then when it starts to rotate, I would have been in the higher levels where I have only a few seconds left, so it becomes near impossible not to lose out. So it's like too easy too easy too easy too easy... BAM... too hard. At least for me. I really believe the difficulty should increase gradually instead.

Kenney responds:

Thanks for your feedback! I tried to ease people in into the rotation but it's hard. As you say yourself there really isn't anything between rotating and not rotating, it does level up gradually and limits the rotation at the start - there's not much more I can do. Still, thanks for your review and playing the game!

Really fun puzzle game! I love the music that goes along with it. Its very interesting. I think this sort of game would be absolutely fantastic on a touch screen. Maybe you can add a bonus to points (Not sure if you already do, since I am too focused on the puzzles to notice the points) for larger/more complete puzzles. There were a couple that required almost all of them clicked and that can be pretty time consuming, even with a fast clicker.

Kenney responds:

Thanks for your review! The game is indeed more fun on touchscreens, as I may say so myself. There isn't a bonus for larger puzzles, just one for combos. Good suggestion though!

Wow, nice game! Very addicted,

Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2013
4:36 PM EST