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Player will press correct keys to kills viruses, which are intruding the Tax Network.


lol love the singaporean accents! the rhythm game itself is pretty bad, it isn't even synced to the rhythm! which is kind of the main point if youre going to call it a rhythm game, but the video is an awesome effort la! nice quiz too haha, congrats

Umm, WTF? Intro is confusing and game is just a quiz on taxes in a foriegn country. Both the game and the concept are terrible.

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It's an interesting concept for a game and it is actually quite fun. Although there did seem to be a few problems with the games, for instance I felt as it the top vertical lane was much shorter than the bottom vertical and diagonal lines so the timing can be a bit tricky(although this may have been what you intended). There are a few things which could be refined visually and the fact segment could be improved so it's not presented simply as a wall of text, but overall I think this is a game worth playing.

I got the all-time high score. I kind of like the idea of making the quiz questions influence score, but it's kind of a mixed design that doesn't really hold together. The rhythm part is pretty good although sometimes ambiguous. Sometimes I hit the right button at the wrong time and the text on the screen still says "perfect," or whatever even. The enemy dying sound could be better. Overall, I like the idea of applying a rhythm game to network defense and it was entertaining for the 5 minutes that I played it.

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In the intro the recording could have been better, you couldve a screen between the person and the mike (even a thin sock works).

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2.98 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2013
11:14 AM EST