Melting snow

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This is something I started just a little bit after I started with flash and learning actionscript. At the time I just wanted to start somewhere and see how far I could get, see how difficult it was to find material and learn new things. Needless to say, I never got anywhere with this, but I kept it on my computer for nostalgia's sake. A little while ago I came back to it, and with everything I had learnt (learned?) since then, I was able to make it work. So I figured I'd upload it.

Also, the music is "Ave Maria" from "Celtic Woman".

EDIT : Sorry I forgot to mention this, you can toggle the quality by pressing the mouse button.

EDIT 2: I tried to improve the music loop, I hope the break isn't so noticeable now.


I was seriously thinking that this was going to be a screamer game. I played it without sound, then it became really relaxing, thought I was still extremely paranoid. >_> lol

Zrugel responds:

That's pretty funny, but no, it's not a screamer game or prank game or anything like that :)

Adding achievements would help to improve this. Also finding a version of the song the loops better (less abruptly) would be good.
It's a nice game though. It would be good for grounding since it's distracting and relaxing.

Zrugel responds:

Yeah, sorry, I cut that part of the song myself, so that's why it loop's so poorly. I'll see if I can't smooth it out a little.

I really like this game, but what about adding some RPG elements? Like getting coins/points for each snowlake and buying bigger match / bullet time / flamethrower? :-D

Zrugel responds:

I'm surprised at all the attention this little game got. Although I like those things you mentioned, I didn't think they fit with this little games design structure when I made it. And I to lazy to add things like upgrades at this point, sorry. But that, like anything else, may change.
Thank you for the review.

i melted 494 snowflakes. it pretty relaxing.

Zrugel responds:

494? wow that's amazing, I seem to remember getting to like 330 or something, I mostly just played it over and over to check for bugs and problems, so yeah, I'm impressed with your tenacity and threat management. Thank you for taking the time.

Was a rather fun little game! Definitely relaxing.


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Zrugel responds:

Good, I'm glad you were able to find it relaxing. Thank you.

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2.71 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2012
2:02 AM EST
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