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BeyBlade Was F'n Dumb

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This was my "christmas video".... yeah, nothing Christmassy about it at all. GAH. Guess this is also my last movie submission to Newgrounds this year, and WHATTA YEAR ITS BEEN. I opened up a Facebook Fanpage recently, so of COURSE I had to make a button on the preloader, yet "oddly" it isn't another friggin' naked chick like the YouTube one... might remake them soon (faps)

While making this, I totally ruined my sleeping schedule, I was going to bed at like 4am and waking up at 7am without being able to go back to sleep, so I used my sort-of-insomnia to make this HEH. Today, I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at... 4pm? I mean I guess I got a good nights sleep but damn, its winter, I didn't get to see any daylight AT ALL today, jesus. Plus, at one stage while working on this, I came down with something nasty, most likely brought on by the bad sleep regime. I SUDDENLY got a sharp unbearable pain in my lower back, became cold, got the shivers, felt nauseous and battled a headache. It literally came out of nowhere. But anyways, I got over it, uploaded it to pootube, had a merry christmas (even though my presents were lame and I didn't watch a SINGLE christmas movie on tv which kind of ruined everything LOL) and now here it is for you guys. ENJOY, you better cos i just spent like 5 minutes writing this description gah

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BeyBlade is great! Great animation!

XD just like real beyblade

Merry Xmas speedo well the next one ofc. (Belated)

GAY blade let it shit!

I had no memory of beyblade til now thx alot you have sent me into a deep depression full of anger and rot wtf were the creators thinking lol, they must have been on some crack lol, the only way u could possibly have enjoyed beyblade was if u was hallucinating high off some crack lol then it looks like ultimate street fighter mortal combat 3 lol :) I wouldn't know I don't do drugs drugs are bad for you:) lol seriously I dont do drugs just trying to reason out why people liked beyblade an utter masterpiece at failure lol :)