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2012 Holiday Spectacular

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Merry Clockmas

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you guys! It's funny how you just mentioned the 2012 (failed) apocalypse, when you already made a cartoon about that. This just seemed to have a lot of heart put into it. I appreciated the different animation styles and voices. I myself had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was also a wonderful Christmas season for that matter.

I think my favorite segment would have to be the one with WobbuffettClock. Yeah, I assume every character's name is just what they are in the credits + "Clock". I thought the bottle clock had some animation error. He was actually just opening and closing his eye, showing his logo. May the Clock Crew live.

Voices became irritating and could not be understood.
I don't really understand what it is about It just seems like someone put piece of something with a competely different piece of something...
Animation was "Okay".

"Spectacular" does not even begin to cover the mind-blowing tremendousness of this holiday extravaganza! AlbinoClock and AstronautClock's fantastic dance number was one of the greatest pieces of animation I've ever seen. Not to oversell it, but I think you singlehandedly saved Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the 13th baktun, the Saturnalia and the Mithraic New Year. MARCH ON, CLOCK CREW!

that movie was great!
all stars worth it!