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Santa's Pilgrimage

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Around the World in Half a Day 25 Points

Complete your journey before dawn.

Out of Time 25 Points

Run out of time.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Update: No matter how hard I try, I couldn't get the fuel refill bug myself. :( As such, I'm unable to fix it. If you can, please report the bug with more information. Thanks. By the way, I've fixed the text display, but that was the compiler's bug, not mine, so it really didn't take any effort for me except to compile again.
Update: Fixed the gift cluster upgrade button.

Dashing in the snow, in an unstoppable sleigh, o'er the fields we go, screaming all the way!

The reindeer have just returned from their trip to France and they're going on strike. It is yet to be known whether there's a correlation between the holiday and the strike, but whatever. An elf has installed an engine onto your sleigh as replacement. Without a steering wheel or throttle, the sleigh is now uncontrollable, but there's no time to fix it. Ride on the sleigh and give away those presents to kids and houses on your way!

After Burn versus Freeze two Game Jams ago, we have decided to team up again to bring you another jam game. This time it's the Gift Jam. Though called the 'gift jam', jam entries can be about anything, but since someone HAS to make a game about gifts, we decided to do it! We put a lot into it, so we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

If you've got a bug to report, you don't have to PM me; you can write that in your review. We read all the reviews!

Here are the controls (you'll understand it after reading the instructions):
One gift - 1 for left, 3 for right
Two gifts - Q for left, E for right
Three gifts - A for left, D for right
Four gifts - Z for left, C for right
Five gifts - Left arrow for left, Right arrow for right

Quick tips:
-Upgrade strategically. Think about what you need to complete your journey on time.
-It's not a good idea to scramble around for keys all the time.
-Low quality is recommended for older computers.
-Don't dig yourself into a hole by upgrading before refilling.

Special thanks to:
-Tom and the NG staff
-Philip Radvan at freeactionscript.com for the snowflakes
- ..dog at flashkit.com for the kids' SFX
-http://www.beatsuite.com for the houses' SFX
-http://www.clker.com/cli part-248834.html for the Santa hat

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Fun game, surprisingly tactical! Any hint on the secret medal?

Using 1 and 3 on a keyboard was a bit awkward for this kind of game. Using the arrow keys would have been much better. I wanted to play more but due to a glitch in the game, I cannot afford any fuel after completing a level. You should probably have a simple game over screen and not a menu screen that states I need to buy fuel and gifts to continue with no way to back out other than to refresh the page. It could have been better.

FlyingColours responds:

I am aware of the glitch but I haven't been able to fix it. Unfortunately, I don't have time to go through the code again to fix it. I'll try to do that when I find the time to. Thanks for the bug report.

it's quite enjoyable game, but it could be better.
-there could be a progress bar, or at least numerical distance to the finish. if it is not implemented intentionally, then i can add that the distance around the world is much longer ;)
-no explanation of what is gift attraction upgrade. can't figure it out what it actually does.
-i also agree, that the use of so many controls is really unnecessary. the upgrade of the gift count leaving the same buttons in control would be just enough.
-just for laughs. he is Santa and traveling at the speed of light and then at some point... he goes even faster and more faster later on... well he IS Santa he can travel faster than the speed of light :D

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review and humour. FYI, the whole length of the game is 80000 pixels in case you're interested. :) Gift attraction is how well the houses attract the gifts. It's a pretty useful upgrade at first but you may want to spend your money on other upgrades later in the game. As I've said below, the many controls are just to keep it flexible.

Did you know that Santa is really an alien in human form? He comes from a different dimension where the speed of light is the minimum speed. As such, his sleigh is really a portal which is connected to his own dimension. The reindeer are devises he had built in his dimension, and he had to use Earth fuel to replace them. Earth fuel is obviously much less effective. (Just kidding!)

It's okay, but I ran out of gifts and didn't have enough money to refill. That's a pretty bad gameplay issue. There should be some way to spend all the money you currently have on gifts, even if it doesn't refill completely; that would make the game much more playable.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review. That's a great suggestion and I'll do that next time I make a similar game.

An Easy Game
Music sounds festive and deep
People and House Placement is inconsistent and sometimes stack on each-other
Shop Menu doesn't allow you to pass if you've used money on other things and can't afford a fuel refill, resulting in being stuck in the shop menu infinitely.
(as said before) Controls are awkward and uneeded, I got through most of the 1s and 2s using 3 presents, it was easy.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review. The reason why I decided to put in multiple buttons is because I wanted to keep things flexible. I never meant for the player to switch keys all the time, but the player can choose 1-2 gift numbers and stick to them.

As for the shop menu, yeah, I did warn about that in the description. :P