Villain Glance

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Be the Villain.
Shoot your peers.
Be discreet.
Be quick.
They become suspicious.
They feel your guilt.
If you get caught red-handed they'll make you pay.

WASD to move.
Left button mouse to shot.
R to restart.
M to back to menu.
X to mute/unmute.

Tips :

-The red ones are suspicious, they have a larger angle of view.
-Global suspicion increase their rotation speed.
-You turn dark with your guilt, and they tend to look at you.

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39.9s GoodGame.

I like the concept and I did beat it on my second try, so I didn't find it too difficult once I knew how to play. It's more about patience then skill.

This game while fun is very very hard. Two suggestions to change the difficulty: 1. a more accurate aiming system and 2. something that will make them less suspicious

fun game is hard

A fun game to kill time with. I really like the bg music. The aim control was a bit weird and i kept shooting the ground, looking uber suspicious and derpy. I still had fun being eaten alive.