Trapped [WIP][Demo]

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Please give me all the CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM that I can get. I need to know what I can do to make this awesome! In my other game, How Far Can You Go?. there is a square boy who leads the game, trying to save the girl. In this game, you are the girl, and you have to escape the castle in which you are held in. Please give me as much advice as you can!

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just half level?

fun but glitchy glitchy glitchy oh glitchy glitchy glitchy OH

good concept needs more puzzles and needs more functions (jump height upgrade/destructive spikes/sheilds/gravity invertions and good,high quality maps)

GoombaJMR responds:


Obviously the game isn't finished and a lot of input is asked for by the community so this will be more or less just a series of suggestions. Firstly there need to be certain changes to how your character interacts with platforms and walls. When jumping along a wall the character will merge slightly and then bounce off a bit when I assume it should just rise; this may have to do with the sliding of the character when it moves but I'm not sure. It should also be noted that if the character jumps about half way through a platform above it, it will teleport onto the platform: while it's not a big deal now it could cause problems with later levels.

Certain key design decisions still need to be made. Obviously there is no gimmick or mechanic other than simple platforming right now but in future levels that will definitely improve the game. A menu that gives options like muting music/sfx and other settings is imperative. This should be on the main screen as well as in game. If you plan on having multiple levels you should also have a level select on the main screen. Writing text for a story is generally pretty boring so you might want to look at making it more concise or adding an accompanying animation or even allowing us to play while the text is onscreen.

It may also be more favorable to place the camera in a fixed position to see the entire level rather than follow the subject to make it easier to see the objective and what the whole level is might entail. If this is done you run the risk of having the platforms and sprite so big that it will be difficult to see what's under you. Additionally it is important to reverse the effect of reseting the level when you touch the door prematurely. Also because there is only a continue at the moment there is no replay value. You should also consider making the text on the second level a color other than black as it is difficult to see.

The game is fairly bare so there is a lot of room to experiment with other new ideas.

disable double jump when jumping trough platform

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2.20 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2012
11:48 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle