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Cyberangel:ALT [121212]

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Author Comments

Okay right off, at least in the time zone I'm in, I've failed this project and ended up uploading this over three hours later and cutting out the cold opening and the few moments afterwards showing the first episode, just so I can make it somehow. Better late than never.

So this is the opening credits (modeled after how a typical live action would look like, I know it's unusual for non-live action series to to have this, but it looked fun to do.) for a superhero project that I'll continue to develop. Unlike the past two Cyberangels, I'm not bummed out and trashing it like what I did with TRITEN and ACE, even though I've planned rebooted versions of those two. Maybe I'll get back to them in the form of flashbacks and condense their stories.

So now 12/12/12 is going to be last time we'll see this kind of "triple date" until 1/01/2101. Or if someone misprints a batch of calendars and we get the 13th month called "Smarch". Listing down at I had...

06/06/06: Maidrouser CAPTIVATE: 06/06/06 edition, I was just trolling
07/07/07: Series of trailers (of series that never saw the light of day. Zelda is a loose exception) with a casino theme.
08/08/08: Cyberangel Ace, with a pun on Eights
09/09/09: Satan being stupid thinking it's 06/06/06 in CC: Totally BS!, Episode One
10/10/10: Cyberangel TRITEN (dear god what a failure)
11/11/11: ll-ll-ll: Lithium Sisters (Title stylized with lower cased Ls for the first part of the title.)

12/12/12: Cyberangel: After Life Trial. Simply put, Twelve, Triple Twelve, Tri-elve, then somehow rhymed it with Trial. That's it.

It been a good run. Besides CC: Totally BS! and Cyberangel, I wished I expanded on the others and see what could I have come up with. Oh the possibilities. Anyhow, enjoy the opening sequence and I'll get back to making the actual episode.

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I would've loved to see something fully done, as opposed to just an opening. The other thing is I'm aware of your very very early work. The cute well defined black lines fit the style when you were doing more 'chibi'. When you're doing something more mature, the thick black lines become cumbersome. I think you have a lot of potential and I'd like to see you make something you truly feel strong passion about, and develop it fully. No rush. Dates have no secret magic to them, people will enjoy them regardless.

omegafinal responds:

That is definitely being worked on. I got the script done and all that, and I actually meant to have the cold opening be shown, but was sadly cut out due to time (and a bunch of failed "artsy" experimentation). Yeah, I would agree that the thicker and bolder lines would be more cumbersome for a more serious and mature series, but I meant for this to be much lighter than the past ones.

Although I would argue on your point with dates, since anniversaries and holidays tend to be important, but yeah, who cares about dates like 12/12/12. I only found it to be cool, and an interesting source of inspiration. Maybe I might fine something to do when 11/12/13 rolls around, haha!

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2012
3:55 AM EST