Unbalanced Platformer

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Beggar 5 Points

Collect 10 coins

Noob 5 Points

Got killed 10 times

Okay 25 Points

Complete the normal mode

Great 50 Points

Complete normal mode with less than 30 attempts

Awesome 100 Points

Complete normal mode with less than 20 attempts

Unbelievable 100 Points

Complete the hardcore mode

Author Comments

A platformer that seems easy, but it is not! The programmer was too lazy to balance the game, so your task is to balance it so you will be able to complete the level with the one eyed creature.
A new game will start with random settings. Collect coins so you can upgrade or downgrade the settings in the level configuration. You just have to complete 1 level, but I bet it will take you some time to complete.
A unique game that can be played in the normal or the hardcore mode.
Can you find the perfect balance and complete the level or are you frustrated already?

Game Features:
1. Extremely high replay value... Yeah no doubt about it, as you'll replay the only one level again and again. LOL
2. Two game modes: Normal & Hardcore mode.
3. Cute one eyed creature.
4. Shiny deadly spikes.
5. A lot of pink thingy.
6. Maximum frustration and boredom.
7. err...
8. Only one level... Heck, how many times I said about that?

Game Controls:
1. Move left/right: A/S keys or Left Arrow/Right Arrow
2. Jump: W key or Spacebar or Up Arrow
3. Press Enter to pause the game

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Your idea is very nice, but I didn't enjoy the way you developed the game. To begin with, the music is really really³ irritating. The customization is also quite confusing (there should be like a test room or something, at least if you expect us to complete normal mode in less than 20 attempts).

But your idea is great, and that's what really counts. You just need to work a little bit in the development. Keep it up!

this game is very frustrating Dx

The problem with this game is in the clumsy design. You're suckered into believing that everything is totally customizable, until you actually get into it a little. After changing your walking and jumping settings to manageable levels, you begin to make your way to an overly complicated jumping puzzle that involves a moving platform, two levels, three levers and buttons and a spike on top that becomes your worst enemy. In order to solve this, you basically have to change the speed of the chasing spikes to 0.

After making your way through this, you're greeted by an easy to pass spike attack from the ceiling, which you probably won't die to more than once. After this, you reach the most infuriating part of the level, which forces you to be punted onto a platform from an accelerator, but only if the platform is moving the right direction. Did I mention that the platform is tiny?

Here is where things get messy. Your character speed and platform speed settings are impossible to match up properly, since the platform speed controls both this platform and the one from the jumping puzzle. You have to have incredible luck and nothing else to pass this area. It's a major flaw and it detracts pretty severely from the gameplay.

Overall, I was also disappointed with the customization options. Changing a value to zero doesn't stop the action from occurring and changing it to ten doesn't really make it very fast/slow. If you really wanted to make it a true gamer editable experience, you'd have included twenty or twenty five levels of options to go through, with the highest being ridiculously fast/slow. All in all, I like the concept, but it's impeded by major flaws. Two and a half stars for concept and graphics.

Ugh. This game is more frustrating than anything else. It is way to easy to get killed by the spike traps. You get slightly too close and BAM! You are dead. This game just makes me mad its frustrating with little to no redeeming qualities. Not to mention it is plastered by ads for some website. I expect a better effort next time.

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2012
8:08 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other