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Sonic and RD Christmas

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I understand this isn't working. I have no idea why. There's no reason for it not to be working. I hate when things don't do what they're suppose to do. But yeah, I'm officially done with newgrounds. I took a break from newgrounds because I noticed how well Sonic VS Rainbow Dash did on youtube compared to how it did on newgrounds, and I decided to give it one more try, but after this little what-the-fuck moment, I'm done with newgrounds, and going to deviantart.

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Wanted to watch this on NG (so i could rate it) but here's my opinion (Note I know he took a "hiatus" from the internet (Sarcasm) but i thought I'd just watch this on YouTube then Rate it on Newgrounds.

Really Like a Simpsons/Family guy episode. This was lighthearted and funny (Not laughing funny but smile funny. Sonic and rainbow dash Messed things up! (Like the Christmas tree with sonic and rainbow dash tying sonic to a Christmas tree on accident) and really is great to watch with family and friends! and for that I'll give this 5 stars! Hope your doing well after 2018!