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How Far Can You Go? (W1)

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Game has been updated: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/607510

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This is the very first world of the huge game in progress: How far can you go? This game is extremely difficult and you only get 1 life a world. This version includes the first world, which contains 12 simple levels. Try to get to the finish and we'll see who wins. The remaining 7 worlds are being made right now and will be published soon. The Full flash edition will only contain 4 worlds and will be uploaded to Newgrounds and Kongregate. The 8 world official version will be published for commercial use on Mac/Windows/IOS/Android devices. Hope you win!!


After some reviews. I do understand that this game can really make you rage, and it is a difficult game (even though it is the first world) I suggest that you read the description or maybe the tags to see that I did not make this game for platformer noobs. The goal of this game is to test true platform players if they are a pro or not. I have tested my game by beating it multiple times to see if it is possible or not. Trust me.

Also, Please take sense that there are ways to avoid the walls and other annoying obstacles. This is not impossible, but it is very difficult and requires lots of thinking. Please acknowledge this if you will write a review about it. Thanks! there are 12 levels in this addition

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You contend that the point of the difficulty in the levels is to "make the player think." Fair enough, but much of the "difficulty" in the game comes from questionable design principles.

The play control is not just an exercise in low-friction platforming: it is buggy(if I wanted to play a low friction challenge platformer, I would opt to play Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt...). This is actually noticeable from the first two stages on! If the player decides to bypass the first target platform in the stages, there is a good chance that the back of the character's sprite will "clip" against the side of the platform. because of this clipping, it will lose all of its momentum and careen downwards, missing the intended target. This has a good chance of unnerving the player during the third stage: if he clipped against the side of the platform in the first two stages, what's to prevent him from clipping against the platform as he slides off of it using his momentum ? Because the first two levels are the ones that will be most frequently visited, this glitch will inevitably serve to turn frustrated players into ones who are frankly apt to ragequit the game entirely.

Beyond this , though, the collision detection is awkward. Spikes have notably larger hitboxes than their actual sprites depict, but the player character can fall off of a block even when a good portion of its sprite is resting atop of it , something that makes level 10 absolutely dreadful. This isn't a case of the game being "merciless." I Wanna Be The Guy, long considered to be the pinnacle of rage-inducing platforming, featured spikes with hitboxes that absolutely matched their sprites, something a few of the segments in the game actually relied on.

Level 8 is particularly illustrative of the flaws in the game. The level features a sloped pattern, something that has not yet been encountered up to that point. Hanging overneath it is a blue wall that separates it from some spikes, which were intended to be a threat to the player earlier on in the stage. When the player encounters the slanted tile, he has no way to predict how it will operate. Will the player character shift to the left as it's resting on it? can it jump off of the platform? will it bounce off of it on contact? Will it stay in place on it? The player cannot possibly know this at that point. There goes "using your brain." Because your instructions guide informed us that the blue repel the block, one could assume that jumping upwards would be safe, and would not result in a collision with a spike. Instead, the box simply passes through the zone, defying past experience and striking against the spikes. This is fundamentally bad level design, and it punishes the player for actually remembering what blue zones are -supposed- to do.

You really should use level transitions, by the way . It's clear from the start of level 9 that you recognize the flaws in the game instantly shifting from level to level with no intervening period to prevent the player from careening off of the platform. You put a block on the starting platform to prevent the player from falling off. Nice as that is, you really need legitimate level transitions. The lack of transitions actually results in a nasty situation at the start of level 11: due to the disproportionately large hitboxes of spikes and doors, the player will actually spawn on top of a spike most of the time! This sort of situation should never occur, especially in a game that lacks any checkpoints whatsoever. Not only does it eject the player back to the start of the game...it also challenges the player's faith in the game. On top of that, the difficulty balance verges on the bizarre. Notably, level 6 is trivially easy, while level 4 is ,from experience, the most challenging of the first eight levels. Spikes are positioned over death pits in positions where they could not possibly do any further harm to the already doomed block without rhyme or reason. As a way of standing out on a limb and showing your ideas, this is fine. As a product, this is insufficient.

Made it to level 5 before I got bored.

I liked the game and understand the reasoning behind the lack of savepoints etc. But still, it feels so raw. Most of my deaths happened because the box slides off platforms if it's midpont doesn't land on it. This makes sense, but it's very non-standard and disorienting. Also, it seems that the jump-height doesn't vary acoording to how long you press the jump button. Seriously, this is platforming 101. Anyway, I'm looking forward to playing the next version.

GoombaJMR responds:

Thanks for you review! I will improve the gameplay mechanics etc. later when I have more time. I am just uploading a raw difficult platformer game.
Updated Version: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/607510

this game should have checkpoints

This game is challenging,yet boring. If you were to add some kind of villain you had to avoid/destroy in order to complete the level, then that would spruce the game up.

GoombaJMR responds:

Thanks for your review! This is only the first world, so I am trying to reduce difficulty. If I added villains, the difficulty would go up a lot.