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Grand Metropolis

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so i wuz playin sonic heroes and den i cameto dis bit and i wuz like "cmon tails get your shit together

But seriously, replaying Sonic Heroes and when that line came up and overthank(Is that even a word?) how stupid it was which led to the creation of this flash, continuing mu streak of stupidity. Please, leave a comment about it! Good, bad, I don't care what kind of comment it is. As long as it's feedback.

Funny story about this one. I had only a small time frame to animate this in so as soon as I got the chance I started working on it. Without learning how to draw the characters. Throughout the course of the video you see the visuals slowly go up in quality as I was getting better at drawing them as I went on. I was planning on this being flashier but due to the awkwardness of drawing Sonic & co it is as it is. Life lesson kids: Never start animating characters before your sure how to draw them.


fuck you, tails rules, now go suck a dick

Do you hate tails? :-(
But it's really nice and pretty funny.
And I don't hate the drawing style!

why is sonic a dick in this?


I remember this in Sonic Heroes. Hardly made any sense. Nicely done here.

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3.37 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2012
8:35 PM EST
Comedy - Parody