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Basic Plaformer

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This is a very simple platformer game that was designed to demonstrate how multiple elements can be applied to create a basic game. With the source code this game can be completely customised. The game demonstrates; character selection, health bar and pick ups, customisable platforms, menu screen and buttons, enemy AI, exit points and a virtual scrolling camera.
The arrow keys control movement.


good game found the Easter egg btw it's lame could use more levels

For a coding test, this is pretty good. It has nice potential.

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Straightforward and fairly decent.

This game doesn't really have much effort put into it. It's nice probably as a tutorial on teaching people the basics of platformers. However it doesn't really fit here

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Fullmetalhobbit responds:

thank you, it was designed purely to demonstrate a simple code, the game itself is just a skin really and can be easily redesigned.

Game is awesome! There is one glitch I found, you can fall through the floors. I find that really annoying because then you'd have to make your way back up he level again. Game is doing very good though!

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Fullmetalhobbit responds:

thank you, yeah there is a glitch that makes you fall through the platforms if you fall too far however this doesnt happen if you make the platforms thicker. i just left it that way because i thought it added an extra challenge...and couldnt be bothered to change it.

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1.89 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2012
8:55 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other