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Pokémon -Epic Conclusion

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Author Comments

Quite short, mostly animation, not really a game just mostly Pokemon jokes.
Make sure you read dialogue carefully and play to the end (it might not end where you first think).

Find out who was really behind all the evil teams, and battle the world champion in an Epic Game which explains all mysteries and answers all questions.

This was made in 2 days for the Bulbagarden Christmas Contest

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awsome but the rattata at the end was pretty embarising because he killed us BUT I LIKE IT!!!!!


Cool game. Nobody needs to insult you what a average game.
This game is awesome bro. Im really satisfrenched.

cool game man shaved some time. though the ending was very anti-climactic. i'll give you a 4 cause you made me laugh and the game didn't look like a pile-o-shit.

easy mode? as if pokemon wasnt easy enough already...