Wooden Hearts

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I thought this wasn't going to front page...

Loved this class. This is my final for my intro to motion media.
My first 3D animation.

I plan on changing a few things, it isn't it it's complete perfected stage. I wanted to re-render making the shadows soft, and I wanted to reduce the reflectivity of the mannequins (even though I think the shinyness is kind of cool)

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... amazing... lovable... toching... but i can't describe the rest all do to the fact that i can't write all of them here. great one

Great anim! Touching story. And the perfect song too!


Animation was smooth, song fit well, really liked the plot, easy to watch and relate to. This was really great for your first 3D animation. Yes there is work to be done, but that's for the future and in the present I was moved; in my standards, that's what really matters. Good job, and I look forward to seeing more from you.

Nod bad, especially for an intro class. My main gripe is your shadows were all sorts of jacked up. I don't know which program yoiu used, but I'm sure it has light linking. All those tiny strung up lights would not be strong enough to cast shadows, and and probably had no fall-off. You also have the light-angle at 0, giving you a sharp edge on every shadow, when with dim lights light that you'd be getting very very soft shadows. Also, your wood was suuuuuuper reflective, which though it looks cool to see reflections in stuff, is kind of distracting. Other than that I liked the texturing, set building, and lighting (other than the shadows). Good stuff, keep it up.

Snazzymation responds:

Thanks I plan to. I actually wanted the shadows soft but I haven't completely figured the best way to do it yet. I am still working on it. I have a few things I want to change but rendering took forever.

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Dec 6, 2012
10:32 PM EST
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